We play Amakusa

Island where Amakusa is in both mountain and the sea. It is island that "can be idle" to be able to enjoy trekking, various things including experience from marine sports.

Marine sports-related inspection

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Kumamoto diving service yokayoka

Hondo area

15-2, Sedomachi, Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto

Tel: 0964-53-0611 090-7291-0661

Official site

WAVE ACT wave act

Hondo area

6-29-101, Jokamachi, Amakusa-shi

Tel: 0969-24-5144

Official site

Sunset Ushibuka

Ushibuka area

3391-4, Ushibukamachi, Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto

Tel: 0969-77-8011

Official site

Itsuwa ocean leisure center (sea kayaking)

Amakusa-shi Itsuwa area

9264, Itsuwamachigoryo, Amakusa-shi

Tel: 0969-32-2223 (Itsuwa ocean leisure center)

Amakusa colorful tourism society

Amakusa-shi Amakusa area

504-2, Amakusamachioe, Amakusa-shi (former Oe Junior High School)

Tel: 0969-42-5216, 090-8419-8131 (Shimizu)

Official site

Bow line scuba diving equipment

Amakusa-shi Amakusa area

8-6-101, Chikami, Kumamoto-shi (bear what shop)

Tel: 096-319-3200

Official site

PRO SHOP Lagune (raguna)

Kamiamakusa-shi Oyano area

4431-4, Oyanomachinaka, Kamiamakusa-shi

Tel: Inquiry: (096) For exclusive use of 371-3223 Reservation: 090-3986-8588 (for exclusive use of Reservation)

Official site

RAZOKU (razoku)

Kamiamakusa-shi Oyano area

11275-28, Oyanomachinoboritate, Kamiamakusa-shi

Tel: 0964-56-3966, 090-2396-4602 (RAZOKU)


Kamiamakusa-shi Oyano area

4434, Oyanomachinaka, Kamiamakusa-shi

Tel: 0969-56-3839

pe ron experience

Reihoku area

4535-2, Kotsufukae, Reihoku-machi, Amakusa-gun (the Reihoku-machi business and industry society)

Tel: 0969-37-1244 (Reihoku-machi tourist association)