Oe church

After the Christianity removal of a ban, Father French propagator Garnier who gave life to missionary work to Amakusa in 1933 (Showa 8) erected current building in cooperation with hometown believer at church made with Amakusa earliest.
Church of Norman architecture built on the hill.

The name Oe church (whether we cover, and it is today)
Contact information Tel: 0969-22-2243 (Takarajima, Amakusa tourist association) ※In the case of navigator, please search by "the location" or "facility search"
The location [Amakusa-shi Amakusa area]
1782, Amakusamachioe, Amakusa-shi
Business hours ・Opening time
  ※But please refrain from admission when church event including mass, funeral wedding ceremony is carried out.

・There are no closed days
 ※But, by circumstances of church, we may be closed temporarily.
Access ・It is 2 hours 50 minutes by car (via Shimoda crossing road) from Kumamoto-shi
・It is 2 hours 40 minutes by car from Kyushu Expressway Matsubase IC
・It is 65 minutes by car from Amakusa Airport
・It is a 5-minute walk from "Lord of Heaven temple entrance" bus stop

[Hondo bus center - Oe church]
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  ・"Hondo bus center" → The "Icchoda center" transfer → "Lord of Heaven temple entrance"

[Tomioka Port (Reihoku) - Oe church]
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  ・"Tomioka Port" → "Hondo bus center" → The "Icchoda center" transfer → "Lord of Heaven temple entrance"
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  ・[Tomioka Port] → "Shimoda hot springs" → "Lord of Heaven temple entrance"
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    <Reihoku taxi (TEL0969-35-0075)>

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Parking lot Ten
Trailer bus, please use parking lot of Amakusa Rosary building.
Remarks Church is place of prayer. Please see with moderation.
※Photography in church is prohibited. Please see attention (pdf) in shooting.
※The use to shooting, product in church site needs permission. You fill out as follows, and please submit to Takarajima, Amakusa tourist association.
   [coverage permission application] (PDF)
   [use of product application] (PDF)

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